Support my stylist

Want to bring your hairstylist business online?

Cinta Color is for hairstylists that struggle to monetize their services especially during lockdowns, we provide a platform to connect hairstylists with their clients online; to offer personalized services, custom-made color, and hair care products on-demand.  

How can I help my stylist?

1. Purchase products with us online (US only)

2. Add your stylist details in Order Note while checking out your cart

3. Up to 30% commission from every purchase will be sent to your stylist 

4. You also granting your stylist - FREE access to educational content, and a lifetime membership on our platform, that helps them to earn untapped revenue

5. We'll reach out to your hairstylist and SEND SOME LOVE from you!

What happens next?

You'll here from your stylist very soon.